Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 - Joshua got It!

Day 4 - 31 Days of Truth

Everybody knows the story of the Battle of Jericho, right? Big war, went on for months and months, touch-and-go. Oh wait - That's not how it went?

Oh, right. I remember!

So God told Joshua that he was going to GIVE him the city and gave him the sequence of events.

It went something like this - March around the walls of the city, seven priests and the Ark of the Covenant first, then all the people. Do this for six days, once each day, and THEN on the SEVENTH day, storm the walls, right?

Nope, on the seventh day, after walking around the city wall, the priests will blow their trumpets of rams' horns, and then everyone is to shout.

Wait a minute - What kind of a battle is that? Music, shouting, worship -What kind of weapons are those?

I love this story because it teaches us so much about who God is!

The battles are His, not ours. His battles - His strategy - His victories.

When we focus on HE who fights FOR us, it puts us in the best vantage spot.

I've had times in my walk where the battle seemed too fierce and too hard on my own (because they always are), and I have had to lay down my weapons (meager as they are), and pick up my worship instruments. That's where the battles are won!

So how do you like to worship? Through music, dance, prayer, Scripture, art, nature? So many different ways to WORSHIP! Our family loves to spend time in worship, and sometimes it even takes place in church!

God bless you as you explore new ways to worship our Creator!

(The story of the battle of Jericho takes place in Joshua 5 & 6)

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  1. I just read the book of Joshua recently and was impressed by the same things. I'd always thought of it as Joshua the great warrior accomplishing everything. But when I read it this time I saw it was so much bigger than that. It's not about what Joshua what did...it's about what God did. Great post! :)