Friday, September 30, 2011

31 days

I've taken the challenge.

Nester has all the info if you want to join the party and commit to blogging about one subject for all 31 days of October.

It's going to be a stretch as I'm just getting started with this new blog and all ... but I'm ready to go.

What could you/would you want to blog about for 31 days in a row?

Seeing as I'm not really the crafty type, or the decorating type - thankfully God has gifted many in that way, I've decided to blog about ...

31 days of Truth

I hope you'll join me. I'm very excited to be inspired by all of the participants!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fourteen years ago today

Fourteen years ago today,
I met one of the most INCREDIBLE people I've ever met in my life.

but such gentleness and compassion,
and I have never been the same.

Before I go any further,
I have a little background...

At that time in my life,
my husband and I had two children,
yet I wanted more little ones.

In fact - I EXPECTED them,
and I was just a little upset
with God,
that I didn't have more,
because I WANTED more.

I remember the day
when God lovingly cupped my face in his hands,
looked into my eyes,
and reminded me to look once again
at how very BLESSED I was.

Wasn't it ENOUGH?
Didn't I already have so much
to be thankful for?

What a humbling day INDEED!

I wept that day
as I asked for THANKFULNESS -
instead of ungratefulness...
instead of longing.

I've come to learn over the years
that a prayer for contentment
is QUICKLY answered.

That day I had VICTORY,
WASHED OVER ME like ocean waves.

Jump ahead a month -
My sister came over,
and I told her how tired I was.

She laughed, "You're not PREGNANT, are you?"

I laughed with her -
hadn't even given it a thought
that month.

But the thought wouldn't leave me alone,
so I headed to the drug store.

Absolutely positive - NO doubt.
Quite frankly, I was in such shock,
I couldn't tell anyone for several days.

I thought that God and I had gotten it all figured out
the month before - no more kids.
What we had really gotten sorted out, though,
was that I needed to be GRATEFUL for what I did have -
and not always longing for more

So fourteen years ago today,
I met this incredible person,
designed with the loving hands of the Creator
just for our family -
and we have NEVER been the same!

Happy 14th Birthday, Daniel!!

My prayer for you continues to be -
That each day you would draw
closer to the One calls you His own,
that you would grow in His wisdom,
walk in His strength,
continue to live out Phil. 4:8 every day,
and that contentment would continue
to be your portion.

Friday, September 16, 2011

So What's with the Title??

I walked around for years and years with FEAR,

fear of people's opinions,

fear of doing "IT" wrong,

fear of not meeting other's expectations.

Have you ever felt that way?

It's really not a great way to live at all.

But the story doesn't end there,


He RESCUED me from my misconstrued values,

from my misplaced identity in other's opinions,

and He showed me who I really am -

through His eyes.

You'll hear me talk about this a lot,

because it applies to each one of us -

we strive to accomplish, to earn, to measure up,

yet in reality we really never will,

but with GOD, we don't have to,

because His LOVE for us is based on who HE is,

not who WE are!!

What a GIFT!

And because of that,

I can say,


I no longer have to meet other's expectations,

or fit in, or APPEAR a certain way, or PERFORM to have VALUE.

I AM LOVED simply because I am ME!!

And the same applies to YOU -
No STRINGS attached!!

You are LOVED because HE is LOVE.

So won't you JOIN ME in being

totally over THAT which doesn't really MATTER?

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Welcome to my virtual HOME!

Come on in

You can have the COMFY seat

I even cleaned off the dog hairs for you

I'm EXCITED to be able to SIT and CHAT

NO distance between us here

I want to share my heart with you

and I want to know what's on your heart as well.

I hope you'll stop by FREQUENTLY

'cause that's the best way to NURTURE a wonderful FRIENDSHIP!