Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fourteen years ago today

Fourteen years ago today,
I met one of the most INCREDIBLE people I've ever met in my life.

but such gentleness and compassion,
and I have never been the same.

Before I go any further,
I have a little background...

At that time in my life,
my husband and I had two children,
yet I wanted more little ones.

In fact - I EXPECTED them,
and I was just a little upset
with God,
that I didn't have more,
because I WANTED more.

I remember the day
when God lovingly cupped my face in his hands,
looked into my eyes,
and reminded me to look once again
at how very BLESSED I was.

Wasn't it ENOUGH?
Didn't I already have so much
to be thankful for?

What a humbling day INDEED!

I wept that day
as I asked for THANKFULNESS -
instead of ungratefulness...
instead of longing.

I've come to learn over the years
that a prayer for contentment
is QUICKLY answered.

That day I had VICTORY,
WASHED OVER ME like ocean waves.

Jump ahead a month -
My sister came over,
and I told her how tired I was.

She laughed, "You're not PREGNANT, are you?"

I laughed with her -
hadn't even given it a thought
that month.

But the thought wouldn't leave me alone,
so I headed to the drug store.

Absolutely positive - NO doubt.
Quite frankly, I was in such shock,
I couldn't tell anyone for several days.

I thought that God and I had gotten it all figured out
the month before - no more kids.
What we had really gotten sorted out, though,
was that I needed to be GRATEFUL for what I did have -
and not always longing for more

So fourteen years ago today,
I met this incredible person,
designed with the loving hands of the Creator
just for our family -
and we have NEVER been the same!

Happy 14th Birthday, Daniel!!

My prayer for you continues to be -
That each day you would draw
closer to the One calls you His own,
that you would grow in His wisdom,
walk in His strength,
continue to live out Phil. 4:8 every day,
and that contentment would continue
to be your portion.

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  1. awesome!!
    i love god's plans;)

    thanks for stopping by my blog, good to "meet" you!